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The details of the entrance fee and security deposit are as follows:
Entrance Fee Rs. 3,000,000/--
Security Deposit Rs. 50,000/-
Total: Rs. 3,050,000/-

Additional fee at the rate of 15% (Rs.450,000/-) per child of regular membership fee will apply if the applicant has children between 20 to 22 years of age, and 25% (Rs.750,000/-) above 22 years till 24 years of age and single daughter any age (above 24 years) /-each at the time of balloting Kindly forward a pay order of the total amount of Rs.3,050,000/-in favour of Karachi Club, after which we shall process your application.

For further assistance and clarification please contact Mr. Mohammad Nadeem on 111-177-177 Ext. # 206, 208.