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Jawed H.Karim Honorary Secretary:

Dear Honorable Members,

I humbly bow my head before Almighty Allah on my unopposed election as Honorary Secretary Karachi Club for the year 2022. I wish to extend my deepest respect and appreciation to all my worthy members, my elders, well-wishers and friends for their unwavering support, best wishes and repose conviction in my faculty to administer Club affairs again. I feel necessary to offer my deepest sympathy and condolences to all those who lost their loved ones during coronavirus pandemic and pray for those struggling to recover from this deadly disease. May Allah SWT protect us from illness and grant us relief from this difficult time. Ameen! My team consisted gentlemen elected unopposed possess excellent reputation, brilliant with strong professional and financial background, is blend of greenhorn and seasoned persons who served in last year Managing Committee (MC). They are coming with ambitious strategy, goals and propositions to perform something exceptional. They will have my full collaboration and team work in prompt resolution of issues. I am also looking forward to work with President Asim Ghani Usman and assure him my absolute support and alliance for the excellence of Karachi Club. Those who withdrew their candidature for contesting elections also deserve colossal appreciation as undoubtedly their decision is exclusively for the benefit of the Club. Our focus is to briskly get on assignments to accomplish results in least time. We shall bring reforms in kitchen, host scrumptious and novel cuisine, upgrade amenities, organize sports events and musical concerts, food festivals, cultural and literacy programs. Renowned health professionals and consultants will be invited to deliver lectures on recent health crises and safety rules. We will further expedite the construction of Club parking facility for the comfort of our worthy members. Safeguarding members’ security and wellbeing is another area which needs to be further improved. Various training programs will be organized for capacity building of security personnel on modern lines to prepare them to face any challenges competently. I request my worthy members to carry their vaccination card in phone or card form as security personnel may need to check it to ensure you are fully vaccinated. As you all know I am easy going person, my office is always opened for members to listen to their suggestions for improving system, besides I am also available on cell 0321-8224425 24/7. Lastly, my heartfelt thanks to outgoing President Muhammad Arif Mithani, Honorary Secretary Amin Merchant and MC members for their good performance in 2021 even though unprecedented health emergency caused by coronavirus pandemic. I assure them this Managing Committee shall follow their pathway. I wish you all a prosperous, successful and healthy Happy New Year!

Jawed H. Karim Date: 1st January 2022