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Amin Merchant Honorary Secretary:

Dear Members,

I humbly bow my head before Almighty Allah on my unopposed election as Honorary Secretary of Karachi Club for the year 2021. I am grateful to the Managing Committee (MC) members and honorable members for their trust, beliefs and confidence in my abilities to find me suitable candidate for this very challenging and demanding position. Let me assure you that I will do whatever possible to come up to your expectations to take this prestigious institution to new heights. Our priorities are to continue previous year’s incomplete agenda together with fresh plans, goals and targets for succeeding year with viable financial plans. The managing committee elected unopposed for this year consisted highly qualified, brilliant and experienced gentlemen, on the other hand performance of retired MC members was incredible. Those who replaced them have vast experience and understand club values, familiarity with rules and regulations each one of us is prepared to play a pivotal role and accept new challenges. The role of President, Honorary Secretary and entire MC in running club affairs in preceding year was highly commendable. The top leadership always led from the front towards accomplishment targets, besides each MC member deserves huge appreciation for their tireless efforts to achieve objectives despite Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The august General Body collectively passed various resolutions specifically relaxation in charges, one time waiver on late payment surcharge caused by COVID-19 lockdown period are widely appreciated by the members. The success of institution is firmly enforcement of rules, regulations and bylaws in true essence, consensus and harmony on decision making always beneficial for the institution. Viable financial planning is backbone to control cost, expenditures. On the other side focus shall remain on launching new facilities and upgrading services, efforts will be made for revival of entertainment programs but this linked with COVID-19 situation. I am looking forward to a special support and guidance from our former Honorary Secretary Mr. Jawed H. Karim having vast administrative experience, firm grip on rules and regulations and prolific association in public and private sectors in resolution club affairs. In conclusion, I once again express my heartfelt felicitations to President and MC members on their unopposed appointment for the year 2021. I am looking forward to receive MC support to achieve goals and propositions from our worthy members for betterment of club.